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You’ve got some interesting ideas concerning love, thanks to the Mercury-Mars trine on June 1. Your thoughts and beliefs are crystal clear, and you’re ready to learn and try new things. Single Rams are more adventurous and outgoing, and committed Rams have a newfound curiosity about their partner. Romantic Venus blends with charismatic Leo on the thirteenth, prompting you to seek confirmation that you have what it takes to get the job done romantically. Short of being worshiped, you at least want to know that you have some desirable traits (or, better yet, the whole package). A Venus-Mars opposition brings serious sexual friction on June 21, and you could be at odds with your partner over your sex life. If you’re single, you might be attracted to the “wrong” type of person, but when opposites attract, there can be massive sparks. As long as you can separate a fling from a long-term thing, you won’t get burned. When talkative Mercury enters outgoing Leo on the twenty-ninth, you have a hard time not talking about yourself. Remember that conversations are supposed to be interactive. Listen to your partner or date at least as much as he or she listens to you.
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