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Your naturally hearty sign is ready for some serious romance in February, as the 3rd provides all kinds of sexy energy. If you're currently unattached, don't be surprised if a close friend all of a sudden begins to look irresistible to you. Single Rams find that all that pent up energy has to go somewhere. If you're not around the right person now, try something physical like walking, hiking, skiing, or something creative to let it all out. Partnered Aries natives may find that the 5th and 6th are also great times to get closer to their loves. Even if it's cold outside, you have plenty of reasons to snuggle up! The 6th and 7th are also great for deepening communication. If something's been on your mind or you need to have The Talk, it's a great time to say what you mean, and mean what you say. The 10th, 11th, and 12th bring a perfect mix of love, romance, and fun, even if you're dreading Valentine's Day and all its pressures. Let yourself off the hook. By the 25th and 26th, try to let go of any preconceptions in love. You're exactly where you need to be at this time of your life.
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