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Your sign of Aries is raring to go this month, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. If you’ve been trying to speak up for what you want in love, February 2 offers an aspect to help you say what you mean in a calm and productive way. Married and partnered Aries natives might need the diplomacy, considering a tougher aspect on the third could be a little bit of a minefield when it comes to communication. Pick your battle on this day or risk making it bigger than it needs to be. By February 4 through February 6, the planet of love is involved in a series of aspects that are asking you to open your heart again. Try to do so without blame and you’ll be much happier for it. If you’re single and looking for new dating partners, look to the fifteenth as a great time to find someone interesting. If you’ve been meeting a lot of fly-by-night folks, you’ll likely find those who are looking for real relationships at this time. Take your time as you get to know each other, without expectations. The partial solar eclipse of that day gets you in touch with what you really want. Nice!
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