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It's a crazy busy month, but there's always time to get healthier and fitter. Insist on taking care of yourself. If that means more rest and recovery, fine. No one needs to burn out or relapse, right? Work hard and compete only with yourself. This is all for you.It's easy to slip into your workout gear early on Friday, June 1, or have an intense power session in the evening. Get outside in the sun on Sunday and have a fab run or bike ride, then work hard on Wednesday, but don't overdo it. Go for more reps rather than more weight. Burn up the treadmill on June 8, and take it to the track the next day. These are your power days with the moon in Aries. Get smarter about snacks on the twelfth, when Mercury moves into Cancer. Think less sugar and more fresh veggies. More peanut or almond butter might work. Respect any allergies. Exercise early on June 17. It's Father's Day, so save time and energy for family later. Summer starts on the twenty-first. Swim more. Mars goes retrograde on the twenty-sixth, but you won't. Keep moving, Keep up those crunches and planks. Good health is the best reward!
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