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If you need a slow start this month, that's fine. Just don't stop. Stick with your routine and analyze it more deeply. Is there something - some move or piece of equipment - that you've just noticed may be causing a problem? Don't let anything hold you back. Fix things to work best for you. Hit the ground running - or dancing - on November 1 and use all that Aries Moon energy. Get out on November 5 and join a team or club for a special hike or bike ride. Socialize and snack healthfully afterward. If your plans for November 9 get interrupted, make up for it on November 10. Get those steps done. Spin up a storm on November 15, but respect your muscles. Play it safe but play on November 19. An individual workout might be best. If November 21 was a hard workout, pull back slightly on November 22. Keep that step count going. Exercise early on November 23, then feast with thanks for improved health and fitness. November 27 may be a hot tub day. Soak away cares and feel renewed. End strong on November 30 with more laps or lifting a bit more weight. You got this month nailed!
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