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There's still so much to learn and try for the first time. You know that you can do so much more. Sometimes the routine is comforting and it's wise to save your energy and attention for other things, but not always. You definitely aren’t a robot. Be healthier, happier, and go for it! Be energetic on February 1 and start early, or have a measured, strong session in the evening. Be perky and sociable on the weekend of the fourth and fifth. Join a dance class or swing and sway with your favorite partner. Every step counts. Feel strong on February 8 and maybe lift weights. Don't push it, though.On Saturday, February 10, run, hike, and flirt afterward. The Moon-Mercury conjunction and solar eclipse on the fifteenth can make exercise the perfect productive escape from a crazy world. February 16 starts the Chinese New Year of the Dog. Work hard and consider a hot tub break or spa weekend. Your power days are the eighteenth and nineteenth, with the Moon in Aries. Do a little bit more, a few more steps. You've got this. Be strict on February 25. Make those yoga poses perfect. Breathe deeply. Ahhh!
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