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Start this month doing everything right and in high spirits. Just don't burn out and sacrifice being able to keep making progress. Start right away on the 1st with a powerful but not exhausting workout. Leave a little for tomorrow. The 3rd is another powerful day. Do your yoga routine with energy and vitality. The 5th has some wild and crazy passion, so look your best and do your best. Be inspired by your gym friends (or those attractive people in the aerobics video) on the 9th. It's Mardi Gras. Let the good times roll! The weekend of the 12th and 13th is another high energy time but it may start off restless and disorganized. Don't let that prevent you from getting to the gym. On the 14th thoughts turn to food, which is important, is it not? Eat well, and enjoy time with your friends. You've earned it! After the 19th, lighten up a bit and do your exercise with more finesse. Is your gear comfortable and offering the support you need? Look and feel strong. Run farther or longer on the 23rd and pick up many compliments. End the month on fire with a strong workout on the 29th. Good job!
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