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Respect the weather, respect your limits, and take it from there. You don't need to be rabidly enthusiastic and ambitious to make fantastic progress now. Mercury and Mars are retrograde as the month begins, but so what? On the first, your workout or run will be over before you know it. August 1 and August 2 are your power days with the moon in Aries. Do a smart hike or bike ride on the fourth and fifth. Drink more water and have sunscreen and hat handy. August 7 could get crazy. Do two dance classes or run your route twice. Venus and Mars are trine now. Enjoy summer fun and sun on the eleventh (the new moon and solar eclipse), then maybe a barbecue or beach picnic. Have a powerful run, swim, or hike the next day as Mars enters Capricorn. Be good to your legs, joints, and muscles. Mercury goes direct on August 18. Join that fun run. Play third base. Be more active. The moon conjoins Mars on the twenty-third. Nothing can stop you or slow you down. Feel good? Yes! Mars goes direct on August 27. Go easy and smart and make more progress than ever. It's a high-energy month!
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