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You're motivated, determined, and disciplined. You may pause or slowdown from time to time, but that's part of the process. Nothing is going to stop you from getting healthier and stronger. You're going for the gold every day. No matter how it looks or feels, you are improving. Blaze away on September 1 and do your run or workout first thing. Be brave about something new on September 2, a new running route or a new hiking trail. Flaunt your great shape at the beach or pool on September 3. If this is a long weekend for you, the 4th is great for a final day hike or beach volleyball. A healthy picnic or barbeque with friends might be fun, too. September 5 might be a light day, but don't skip. Mercury turns direct that day. September 11 and 13 might be challenging, but you will find a way. Do your weights routine or aerobics or have an abbreviated run or walk. Keep moving. The weekend of the 16 and 17 could get romantic. Feel strong and sexy. You are. Be disciplined on September 24 and don't change anything unnecessarily. Use familiar gear. Feel and look gorgeous on September 30. All right!
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