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You're on the fast track to physical improvement, better health, and fitness. You'll barely notice how quickly you're improving. Stop overanalyzing and ubercompeting and just do your thing. It's working. Start early on April 1 (Easter and April Fool’s Day) and don't fool around. Do your run, walk, or routine, and then enjoy the day. Ration those chocolate bunnies, okay? The second has a Mars-Saturn conjunction. Push yourself, but have a spotter in the weight room. Sweat up a storm on April 10, and maybe attract some romantic attention. Venus trines Mars today. Get outside on the weekend of the fourteenth and fifteenth. It's your power weekend with the moon in Aries. Is your bike in good shape? Running shoes? Fresh air, a favorite trail or garden, then a favorite healthy meal. The weekend of April 21 and April 22 may be less easy but still well worth the effort. Get to the gym or the pool. Keep moving. Push yourself on the twenty-third. Up those reps or do extra laps. Pace yourself on April 26 and don't get frustrated or angry. There’s a Mars-Pluto conjunction today. On the thirtieth, check your weight, muscle tone, or belt size. Great progress!
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