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Change Sign
June represents opportunities, with distraction being the main challenge. The diversions put too much pressure in the wrong place on June 1, when Mercury trines Mars, your ruling planet. You’ve got the ideas and the know-how. It’s about time. Do not waste your valuable moments. Also, don’t waste beneficial connections, including those who work with you. The late afternoon of the seventh is lucky, and the eighth gives you a completely lucky day. If job hunting, search and send out resumes. Schedule interviews and meetings when the stars are on your side. On June 12, with Mercury settling into Cancer and your sector of environment, endings, and beginnings, delve deep into old issues over the next few weeks. Watchfulness is necessary. Venus enters Leo and your creative and risk-taking sector on the thirteenth. Don’t leave work unfinished. On June 26, Aquarius Mars adjusts its planetary motion to retrograde in your sector of inspiration and dreams, following the law of the reversed. In this light, your impatience impedes progress. Not to worry. You’re still productive. Your world contains unlimited possibilities. You just have to figure how to allow more time to get from here to there. Next month, if you know what you want, you will be successful.
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