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Change Sign
The satisfied don’t seek change, but the dissatisfied have to. If this is where you are now, what is causing your dissatisfaction? It will be easier to address it - or perhaps more than just one issue - in September. Expect nuggets of information that help you bring everything together between September 4 and 5. Just what you need will guide you from this point. September 7 to the 9 are lucky days, so make the most of them. Search and send out resumes if job hunting. Schedule meetings and interviews. Accept and open yourself up to seizing opportunities on September 12 and 13. Don’t automatically resist them or you’re throwing them away. Hint: listen to others’ suggestions. Obstacles can disappear between September 18 and 19. Be aware of the difference between meddling and managing on September 27 and 28. Meddling focuses on weaknesses while criticizing and trying to correct them. It also yields worse results. Managing focuses on the strengths of others and yields better results. Which approach will you use? Doing the right thing is a positive career move, and right now you’re in the process of mastering your own destiny. Next month’s keyword is “cooperation.” It is holding everything together.
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