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Change Sign
Everything has its time, and overcoming much conflict is about moving forward at the right time. The month begins with the Aries sun conjoining retrograde Mercury, and the two not only alter clear signals but also skew timing.On April 2 authoritarian Saturn conjoining feisty Mars amplifies the above in your career sector. All cosmic systems advise treading carefully the first week of April. The Aries sun squares powerful little retrograde Pluto on the tenth. Plan to finish unfinished business now and don’t let anything distract you. The aspect with Jupiter helps with fortunate vibes. Your efforts move you forward, a step closer to success. On April 14, retrograde Jupiter sextiles Pluto. For deals made in secret for the next ten days, don’t broadcast your moves. Be as secretive as Pluto. Mars and Neptune add positive results through stealthy outreach beyond normal channels. It is a lucky weekend with a new Aries moon on the fifteenth. Search and send out resumes if you are job hunting.On April 23, career-oriented Mars forms a financial opportunity aspect with retrograde Jupiter in your sector of other people’s money. You have three days to take advantage of a second chance. Speaking of timing, you make strategic moves next month.
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