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February represents an opportunity to accelerate to the next level and perhaps go even further than that. Thoughts of success can make you bold. A friendly Aquarius Venus-Aries Uranus sextile on February 6 recommends you cast a wide net and fish for mentors and networking connections. The Sagittarius moon on the eighth brings new experiences in your zone of expansion and adventure. On the next day, the moon conjoins spirited Mars and the two add an even greater influx of vital energy. On February 15, you’re compelled by the quality of the light of the Aquarius solar eclipse to finally go in the direction your talents lead you, perhaps to that next level and beyond. Sunday, the eighteenth, is a lucky day. Search if you are job hunting. The next day is also a lucky time to send out resumes and schedule interviews and meetings. On February 25, the Pisces sun sextiles responsible Saturn in your career house. The aspect, viable through Tuesday, offers opportunities for serious discussions and decisions. Saturn’s transit, which happens once every two years plus, offers prizes and prosperity. Think back to the last Saturn transit. Next month, expect second sight and insights as Jupiter turns retrograde.
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