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People are ready to provide data that keeps you from making decisions based on incomplete information this February. From the 3rd to 5th, make a list of things to follow up on, and don't forget to highlight delegated activities you haven't checked lately. Between the 9th and 10th, go out from the center to help and reap far-seeing results of a Mutual Aid approach. Listen a lot and then give advice and your recommendations based on what you've recently gleaned. The tide turns in your favor, even when it comes to job hunting and sending resumes on lucky weekend days -- the 11th and 12th. On the 15th and 16th, you especially own the narrative and set the tone of what you do and when you do it. Between the 25th and 26th beware of labeling or of being too quick to name things. Instead, consider each object, from the fascinating to the more complex. Use all types of categories to sort and file them and you may find you are really drawn to one faction. There could be a few ups and downs to cope with next month. If you have been craving excitement, don't be surprised if even conversations heat up.
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